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Who We Are



Notre Dame Learning is committed to the University’s goal of providing an unsurpassed education. In collaboration with instructors, departments, and colleges, we inspire, design, and deliver transformational learning experiences.


Established in 2019, Notre Dame Learning brings together teaching and learning expertise from the Kaneb Center, the Office of Digital Learning, and partner’s across campus to serve as the hub of learning excellence and innovation at Notre Dame. Working in collaboration with instructors, departments, and colleges, our goal is to enable effective and engaging learning for all students through research-based strategies, technologies, and modalities. We offer a portfolio of programs and services to advance learning which includes:

  • The development of teaching expertise and learner-centered approaches in teaching, one-on-one consultations
  • Collaborative teaching reflection
  • Learning technology integration
  • Customized research, and workshops to anyone who teaches at Notre Dame.

Additionally, we collaborate with instructors, schools, and departments in the creation of quality online learning experiences by designing, developing, and delivering:

  • Fully online master‚Äôs degrees
  • Online credit-bearing courses
  • Engaged scholarship courseware