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Learning Media Innovation & Creation

Leading media innovation within Notre Dame Learning’s ODL is the Creative Media Team, an in-house production studio of industry seasoned artists and film-makers compelled to enhance the student learning experience through the creation of high-end, pedagogical media.

In addition to the production of traditional learning media, the Creative Media team rethinks the importance of the role that storytelling plays in crafting engaging learning experiences. Our work ranges from stand-alone one-off videos to course-wide series, engaged scholarship documentaries, virtual reality, 3D animation & motion graphics, and international on-site work. In addition to hands-on production, we help to define creative and visual treatments that deepen and enrich the student learning experience. Whether or not you’re looking to collaborate with our team to produce media or own your own, we can help.

Example Works

Narrative Based Courseware

When germane, the creation of a narrative around instructional goals deepens learning engagement. This can take the shape in short-form stories told within a single video or through a series of videos that span over the length of a course.

On-Location Video Production

Shooting video on location contextualizes the subject Whenever possible, we prefer to capture video in settings most relevant to their topic. This can mean traveling across campus to across the world.

Studio Video Production

When location filming is not possible, or when the needs of the project determine otherwise, studio filming offers a professional and consistent style.

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Interviews & Discussions

Interviews are a great way to introduce subject matter expert(SME) knowledge or perspective to a given topic, whether on campus or beyond. ND Learning is able to produce interviews and discussions in a variety of different formats, both on and off campus.

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Animation allows instructors to visually demonstrate topics in a variety of ways that go beyond traditional video. 


Virtual Reality video is a great way to create immersive learning experiences. We’ve used VR videos in the past to take students on virtual field trips.

Self-Produced Media

Aside from directly producing media for a given project, we’re able to help instructors in a variety of ways from getting started on producing media entirely on their own to playing a supportive role in their self-production. See some examples of how we’ve been able to help instructors take lead of the media in their classroom.


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Academic Podcasts

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Lightboard demonstrations are a wonderful strategy for quantitative subjects or other chalk ‘n talk lectures.